[legit]imately absurd
[legit]imately absurd
My life is complicated because cats.
My life is complicated because cats.
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Lol boob cat

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I think my new favourite pastime is snapping in my bubble bath.

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Silly nugget, kittens don’t burrow.

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Work is so slow I can literally stand in the middle of the store taking selfies with no fucks given. Bitches need to start buying shoes.

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Work selfie, wadduupppp~*~*~

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A typical quality bonding moment with my cat. 

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So I did a thing today.

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Apparently trying to play Sims translates to attack me with cuddles and fall asleep on me….

Why are my boyfriend and my cat the same person?

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Srzly tho. these cats r ridiculous~*~*~

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